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Most Minions are feeling at least a little better about the economy and Larry Summers, Obama’s top economic advisor, seems to agree.

Says Summers, “more jobs will be lost” but “panic in the markets and free fall in the economy has subsided.”  I guess that’s good, sort of.  What really caught our eye though was this:  Summers says the American economy will become ”more export oriented” and “less consumption oriented”; “more environmentally oriented” and less “financial-engineering oriented” (that’s jumbo speak for making a buck at any cost) and most interesting, “more middle-class oriented.” 

What that means exactly remains to be seen.  Looks like taxes are going up in one way shape or form for just about everyone, though certainly more for the economic elite than the rest. 

What should “more middle-class oriented” mean? 

on Jul 14, 2009

What should “more middle-class oriented” mean?

I don't know but unless he plans on putting a cap as to how much a person can make, say $249,999.00 Max and then lowers the bar so that most lower-class fall under middle-class statues, I don't see how he can inprove poor peoples lives without giving them at least $75,000.00 in salary out of thin air and stop the middle-class from becoming rich.

on Jul 28, 2009

Sounds like code for the middle class getting screwed more along with their rich counter parts. Too big to get it all back and too small to hide or shelter it.